24 Sep 2022


6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Neil and Mary Ellen Dillard Media and Performance Gallery


Neil and Mary Ellen Dillard Media and Performance Gallery
304 W. Walnut St. Carbondale, Illinois 62901


MFA Film Screening: “Locker Room” by Nick Karpinski

Locker Room explores and critiques behavior that occurs in hypermasculine spaces. The film sparks an ecological awareness of place by examining and reflecting on the social ideology of locker rooms. It encourages audiences to question what is expected and what is felt in the reality of a locker room. 

Nick Karpinski is a scriptwriter, director, an MFA student in the College of Arts and Media at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. He is interested in media ecology and expanded media environments, both of which inform the decisions he makes in writing, film, and sound. 

Locker Room was written, directed, and produced at SIUC by Nick Karpinski. 

The cast and crew are as follows: 

Written by Nick Karpinski

Directed by Nick Karpinski

Produced by Nick Karpinski

Cinematography by Hannah Friedman

Lighting Design by Hannah Friedman

Edited by Hannah Friedman

Music Composition by patchbaydoor

Sound Mixer: Jack Wydzierzecki

Script Supervisor: Kate Schaeflein

Cast: Walker Spaulding, Hannah Combs, Brian Beiser, Thomas Boyd